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Whetman Equipment

Water Belt - Whetman Equipment

Water Belt - Whetman Equipment

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Water Belt

This is the Water Belt.
It is a waist belt with a quick release at the front and also at the back..

A versatile 40mm belt limited in use only by the boundaries of your imagination.

Rear buckle is the Whetman Equipment own design stainless
eccentric loading quick release buckle

A Whetman Equipment original design
Rear 25mm black webbing can hold a throwline for quick release deployment.
It can be used as an anchor point for a quick release tow; hence when towing it can be released off the 25mm webbing cam buckle at the rear or released from the front main buckle therefore if it spins around then you always have access to a quick release point!

There is a D ring anchored with powerful bar tack stitching for other system initiatives.

The Whetman Equipment own design stainless eccentric loading cam buckle is built for robust outdoor conditions. It positively clamps the webbing in position and will hold a considerable load. A sharp tug on the toggle will release the buckle and allow the webbing to escape.

What is the purpose of the red sleeve in the middle of the 25mm black webbing?

When holding a throwline it prevents the bag from bunching up . 
When towing the line could be connected on the far side of the red sleeve from the quick release to increase security.
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