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Whetman Equipment

Throwlines - Whetman Equipment

Throwlines - Whetman Equipment

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The bag is shaped like a Pop Corn bag and naturally has a wide open mouth to make repacking super easy. Having the webbing connection to the bag at mid height also prevents the bag turning inside out if caught in strong swiftwater. It also allows a good scoop of water in the bag for a second throw as there are no eyelets or holes in the base of the bag. The floating rope is a high quality kernmantel 16/16 braid polypropylene

The unique aspect of these throwlines is the method of linking the rope to the bag; the yellow webbing is bar tacked to the bag and threads through a "button hole" to the outside of the bag to offer a loop for a karabiner connection. The outside loop is on the side of the bag making the bag base clean and snag free. The same yellow webbing on the inside has a loop to tie to the rope. The webbing is long enough to grab hold of easily should you wish to untie the rope and use it without the bag.

The Throwlines are available in 3 sizes 15m of 8mm line, 20m of 8mm line and 20m of 10mm line
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