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The Joker Whitewater Kayak - Spade Kayaks

The Joker Whitewater Kayak - Spade Kayaks

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If you like to charge through pushy waves and across boiling eddy lines at the speed of a barracuda, the Joker is for you. With it’s 274 cm and an optimised waterline and smooth but pronounced bow rocker this will take care of your need for speed while retaining maneuverability and precision of a slalom boat. Turning on a dime when loading the stern is a breeze and pirouetting along eddy lines might become your new normal.

It’s platform is slightly narrower compared to the Bliss to maintain speed, but if you catch the right wave – oh boy!
It features 5 handles, a solid footrest and a full sized cockpit for save and easy exit.

  • Volume: 260 l
  • Length: 274 cm
  • Width: 65 cm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Paddler: 70-110 kg
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