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Wave Sport

Scooter X Sit on Top Kayak - Wave Sport

Scooter X Sit on Top Kayak - Wave Sport

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There are sit-ons... and then there's the Scooter!

A ground breaking re-design of the Scooter range brings the solo and tandem models unmistakably into the Wave Sport family.
Both designs possess the iconic styling and detail Wave Sport is renowned for and for the first time incorporate bespoke deck fittings into their shape.

A number of additional key features ensure the Scooter range will continue to turn heads both on and off the water.
Untouched is the proven hull configuration ensuring these models will continue to outsell other models in their class.

all-new standout styling with meticulous detailing
new bespoke deck fittings integrate seamlessly
increased bow volume sheds water easily
greater footrest area for added comfort and grip
improved moulded through handle shapes add comfort
screw hatch repositioned for easy reach
standardised scupper size
added stacking functionality for fleet/centre use
All specs are pre-production dimensions - subject to change

specification to include fitted screw hatches and our WhiteOut detatchable SOT seats


  • Length: 295 cm / 9' 8"

  • Width: 75 cm / 30"

  • Boat Weight: 20 kg / 44 lbs.

  • Max Capacity: 150 kg / 331 lbs.

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