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Octopus SUP 11.5 Touring Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - Verano

Octopus SUP 11.5 Touring Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - Verano

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This is the future of paddle boards.

The Verano 11.5 Octopus paddle board (Big brother to the 10.6 Octopus) is a huge step forward in technology. The all new X Woven technology makes the board lighter, and stiffer than ever before. This makes it easier to transport and the increase stiffness makes it easier to use as well as give you more performance. Its an all round win win.

The pack includes, pump, board, fin, backpack storage bag which is also a dry bag and a carbon adjustable paddle to suit all sizes of paddler. The board is made from X Woven bonded tough PVC fabric and is of an all new construction which makes the board mega rigid and easy to paddle. The PVC has 'anti fungal' properties so should product longevity is ensured. Designed by our friends at Verano in Germany you can be assured of a quality product.

The board itself is 350cm x 84cm x 15cm deep and will carry paddlers up to at least 130Kg with ease. Inflation time is just 5mins with the pump which is included and when packed away into the generous Backpack storage system it will measure just 90cm x 40cm 25cm including all the kit and the board weighs an amazing 7.9Kg so is easily storeable and transportable to your next paddle board adventure.

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