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Hou Canoes

Hou Prospector Lodge Version - Hou Canoes

Hou Prospector Lodge Version - Hou Canoes

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Prospector Lodge Version.  We do all the hard work for you on this one as this boat comes fully loaded and ready to go.  This is the standard spec boat but fitted out with Peak end airbags, sailing seat and mast foot, kneeling thwart and end grabs so all you have to do is grab your paddle and you are straight on the water.


Hou Canoes Prospector, its a touch over 15 and 1/2 feet in length and designed directly from the classic Chestnut Prospector. As you will have seen in your store, customers want a 15' for solo paddling but a 16' for when they paddle tandem or on overnight trips. The customer is being forced into making a choice and paddling a boat that for at least half the time is the wrong size! So, we went straight down the middle................ a classically designed hull in a length that will work for both solo and tandem paddling!!

The Lodge Version come in standard and Low Cut

Low Cut Spec.  After listening to feedback from our ambassadors and the staff at Glenmore Lodge, we have produced the Prospector with a low cut.  In simple terms we have lowered the sides of the boat by about an inch.  Why? By doing this we have lowered the centre of gravity making the boat more stable.

Length 15'7 and a 1/2"
Width 35 and a 1/2"
Depth 14" Standard  13" Low Cut
Material A.R.N.I.3.
Weight 30Kg

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