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Whetman Equipment

Gripper Deck - Whetman Equipment

Gripper Deck - Whetman Equipment

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Gripper Deck

4mm robust neoprene

11.5mm black/red shockcord

Generous hand brushed latex coating underside

Wide flexible reinforced rim

Red contrast stitching & release tab

The Gripper deck has a monstrously powerful 11.5mm shockcord to offer a mega vice grip onto your deck.

The neoprene has been glued together and then stitched on both sides. The result after stitching is 100% waterproof and so does not require waterproof tape to be applied over it. This is achieved by using a special machine & a curved needle which does not penetrate through the neoprene layer.
For paddlers who aspire to big waterfalls or to drop down into the dark green depths of a seam. This is an extreme deck for those with strong thumbs.
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