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Canoestix Foundation Canoe Paddle - Streamlyte

Canoestix Foundation Canoe Paddle - Streamlyte

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CanoeStix is an ideal blade for introduction to open canoe paddling for individuals and families. The lightly curved blade is easy to use and gives a very positive paddle stroke. An ergonimically designed T handle offers a comfortable grip and smooth control of the paddle.
The Foundation construstion is PPSF Blade on a glass shaft

PPSF - PolyPropylene reinforced with Short glass Fibres is injection moulded to produce our Foundation Touring range and KidzStix paddle blades. It is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications because it is tough, fatigue resistant and flexible, especially when copolymerized with ethylene. This allows polypropylene to be used as an engineering plastic, competing with materials such as ABS.

Blade Material
Overall Length cms
Effective Length cms
Maximum Width cms
Surface Area sq. cms
Paddle Weight @ 152cm - 60"
800 gms
Std. Available Lengths
54" - 62"

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