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Canoestix Enthusiast Canoe Paddle - Streamlyte

Canoestix Enthusiast Canoe Paddle - Streamlyte

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CanoeStix is an ideal blade for introduction to open canoe paddling for individuals and families. The lightly curved blade is easy to use and gives a very positive paddle stroke. An ergonimically designed T handle offers a comfortable grip and smooth control of the paddle.

This Nylon 12 version offers superior stiffness and durability to our Foundation model and is also on a semi carbon shaft rather than a glass shaft.

N12 - Not all nylons used by paddle manufacturers s are the same! Our Nylon 12 is a semi-crystalline engineering plastic with very high toughness and rigidity for varied applications. It is further reinforced with glass fibres and has exceptional impact, and abrasion resistance plus superb rsistance to cracking under stress at very low temperatures making it by far the best possible choice of nylon for whitewater in colder climates.

Blade Material
Nylon 12
Overall Length cms
Effective Length cms
Maximum Width cms
Surface Area sq. cms
Paddle Weight @ 152cm - 60"
860 gms
Std. Available Lengths
54" - 62"


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