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Hou Canoes

Brooks 16 Armerlite Open Canoe - Hou Canoes

Brooks 16 Armerlite Open Canoe - Hou Canoes

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The hu Brooks 16 is timeless design, good-natured and spacious, impact-resistant Armerlite hull available in either a wood-trimmed rim and rattan seats, or vinyl sill trim and webbing seats. An excellent choice for the family excursion The lightweight Armerlite construction is the perfect combination between strength and weight. 

Armerlite is a thermocomposite material. Glass and polypropylene fibers are woven together.
The material layers are placed on the canoe form and covered with a vacuum hood. When heated, the polypropylene melts around the glass fibers and under vacuum, the fabric is compressed.
After cooling, the stiff, durable and lightweight canoe Hull is ready.

Length: 488cm I Width: 92cm I Weight: 28kg I Payload: 450kg I Material: armerlite

These canoes are bought in to order, once your is placed we will contact you to confirm colour availability. 
If you would like more information please contact us

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