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Spade Kayaks

Barracuda White Water Kayak - Spade Kayaks

Barracuda White Water Kayak - Spade Kayaks

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Our answer to the new Olympic discipline »Extreme Slalom« – and yet so much more. If you want to be successful in tough competition, you need a fast-as, agile kayak that executes radical maneuvers without a second thought. Wait – that sounds like a boat with which you can have endless fun in real whitewater, too? That’s right! You could say the Barracuda is a smaller Joker with a flatter stern. But to do it justice, we’ll have to elaborate a little further: Overall, the platform is kept a bit narrower to generate more speed through a steep paddle stroke. And to make sure that speed isn’t lost on the next stopper, we’ve given the Barracuda a re-designed rocker and steeper sidewalls in the bow. And in the back? That’s where the party starts! Thanks to significantly more slice behind the butt, the stern cuts through the water like a knife through butter. But don’t worry – the Barracuda is balanced so that the slim tail can be released just as easily, giving you an extra boost. Enjoy the ride!

  • Volume: 217 l
  • Length: 274 cm
  • Width: 64 cm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Paddler: 50-85 kg
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