Werner Legend 99 SUP Paddle

Werner Legend 99 SUP Paddle
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When a rivers current, gradient and boulder gardens create whitewater the environment is rugged. The stand-up paddlers that navigate the rapids, plays the waves, understand this, but still wants the best we can design in paddles. Lucky for them combining both fortitude and performance has been Werner’s forte for decades, we call it Bomber and now in SUP we call it “Legend.” Designed specific for whitewater, we built our Ultimate Performance level to withstand whitewater.

  • Ultimate Performance in whitewater means a buoyant, full carbon, blade. They float higher for faster strokes and more confident bracing.
  • Seven degree blade-to-shaft offset frees the blade from catching and tripping while bracing through rapids or surfing. Matches the quick forward strokes needed on the river.
  • Whitewater thickness Dynel® edging is highly abrasion and impact resistant. Protecting the carbon blade from rocks.
  • Our longer, rectangular, slender blade design is easier on the body and allows for higher cadence strokes. Change direction, gain speed, and catch waves with ease.
  • Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner.
  • Optimized flex and strength, for comfort all day without sacrificing power or confidence.
  • Shaft and Grip are available in Small Fit, the perfect fit for female paddlers (Fixed length only.) or Standard Fit.
  • Countless hours of testing developed an optimized flex and strength. Comfort all day, all year, without sacrificing power or confidence.
  • Advanced Fit options. Choose our carbon Straight Shaft in fixed length for lightest weight, Performance Adjustable or Performance Travel (3-piece) to break down into inflatable SUP bags.

Straight 1 Piece 539g. 19oz.    50" - 86" in 1" increments. 
Straight Performance Adjustable 631g. 22.25oz.    70" - 77.5" | 74" - 81.5" | 80" - 87.5"
Straight Performance Travel 716g. 25.25oz.    70" - 77.5" | 74" - 81.5" | 80" - 87.5"

Blade Surface Area 99 in2
Blade Length x Width 19in x 7.25in