Wave Sport Fuse 35 Junior Kayak

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What do you call it when you bring a river runner and freestyle boat together for one go-anywhere, do-anything boat?  We called it Fuse.

For the river runners out there who still crave some freestyle love, weve got your back. Our river running playboats get you down river in one piece while allowing you to surf the playspots. Expect the forgiveness of a river runner and the high-performance loose hull of a freestyle boat. If youre a river runner who sprints to surf every wave and hole along the way, youve come to the right place.

The legendary hull design is loose and fast on waves with volume distribution that is not only comfy, but delivers crisp control whether youre throwing cartwheels or simply running your favourite stretch of river


  • WhiteOut Outfitting
  • Adjustable Backband
  • Adjustable Thigh Braces
  • Padded Foam Foot Brace
  • Security Grab Points
  • WhiteOut Hip Pads Available Separately

  • Length:

    178 cm / 5' 10"

  • Width:

    58 cm / 23"

  • Cockpit:

    70 x 44 cm / 27.5" x 17.5"

  • Paddler Weight:

    27 - 50 kg / 60 - 110 lbs.

  • Volume:

    132 L / 35 gal

  • Deck Height:

    26 cm / 10.25"

  • Boat Weight:

    10.5 kg / 23 lbs.

    • Brand:
      Wave Sport
    • Condition: