Wave Sport Ethos Core Whiteout

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Introducing the river trekking category to Wave Sport. With more whitewater performance attributes than other designs in this category, the Ethos-CoreWW offers a confidence-building crossover platform. The hull is manoeuvrable in rapids, yet tracks well on flat water with the help of a drop down skeg system. The Ethos-CoreWW offers outstanding comfort on long, multi-day river treks due to the roomy cockpit, sizeable gear-storage space, and Wave Sport's new, highly adjustable outfitting system. Key performance features include a full whitewater auto-adjusting foot brace system, an adjustable leg-lifter, a whitewater-focused rocker profile and a progressive chine that helps beginners learn the feeling of �edging' in a stable, reliable design. These features combined with the river running style peaked bow allow the Ethos to punch rapids, resurface quickly, and move swiftly down river. The Ethos-CoreWW's innovative, hinged comfort carry hip pad design (patent pending) leaves ample room in the cockpit and folds up over the rim to provide a cushion while shouldering the boat. Arched bow and stern soft grip security handles provide an ergonomic fit for comfortable carrying (even in cold weather) without underlying scoop-outs to hinder water shedding. These handles sit high on the deck for greater accessibility in a rescue situation. Another key feature includes a drain plug positioned near the cockpit for quick, easy draining � even while carrying. Grip zones behind the cockpit make pushing out of the boat easy, while the very distinctive, high buff polish with a matte texture finish maintains a stylish look. Beginners who seek to explore varying environments with one comfortable boat while progressing their skill sets can enjoy the Ethos' confidence-building features. Seasoned paddlers will find the Ethos easy to roll and enjoy the ample storage space on long days or multi-day river treks without sacrificing performance.

Ethos 9

Length: 9' 7" / 291 cm Width: 25.75" / 65 cm
Boat Weight: 51 lbs. / 23 kg Deck Height: 13.5" / 34 cm
Cockpit Length: 36" / 92 cm Cockpit Width: 20.5" / 52 cm
Volume: 80 gal / 303 L Paddler Weight: 90 - 200 lbs. / 41 - 91 kg

Ethos 10

Length: 10' 3" / 312 cm Width: 27" / 69 cm
Boat Weight: 55 lbs. / 25 kg Deck Height: 14.75" / 37 cm
Cockpit Length: 36" / 92 cm Cockpit Width: 20.5" / 52 cm
Volume: 100 gal / 379 L Paddler Weight: 150 - 260 lbs. / 68 - 118 kg
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