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Hou Canoes

Hou 14 Open Canoe Wood Trim - Hou Canoes

Hou 14 Open Canoe Wood Trim - Hou Canoes

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This is the bigger brother to the hou-13, a touch longer and with a higher load carrying capability. Again a derivative from the great Peterborough Canoe Company this boat was designed as the next boat up in a mans quiver! It will carry a touch more load, track a little quicker and in reality be a touch more of a multi tasking boat. As its a little longer and a little deeper you will see a bit of a drier ride in the bouncy stuff and a touch more forward speed. Again this shape was designed as an all rounder as is the hou-13 so it will paddle well on the open water and flat river days too. Style, again it has it in heaps!! This boat is more of a stretched baby Prospector if that makes sense!? Fine entry, shallow v hull provides good initial and secondary stability whilst a touch more length makes a noticeable difference, especially when paddling solo. If you want a great all round solo boat that wont give you too much trouble on a windy day, and allow you reasonable load capacity when you need it, be that for the dog, over night gear or a friend then this is the boat for you! Simply put, a fantastic 1/2 person boat.

This version of the 14 has a wood trim fitted

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