Kinetic Tour XS Enthusiast Leverlock Straight Touring Paddle - Streamlyte


Highly efficient downswept blades with a reduced shoulder promote smooth strokes for effortless acceleration and manoeuvering. Ideally suited to ocean and inland, short haul and weekend cruising. especially suited to paddlers with a high angle style of paddling.

The Kinetic Tour XS is a small version of the Tour S designed for the smaller paddler for all day paddling

N12 - Not all nylons used by paddle manufacturers s are the same! Our Nylon 12 is a semi-crystalline engineering plastic with very high toughness and rigidity for varied applications. It is further reinforced with glass fibres and has exceptional impact, and abrasion resistance plus superb resistance to cracking under stress at very low temperatures making it by far the best possible choice of nylon for whitewater in colder climates.

The LeverLock system is manufactured in the USA and is a reliable and easy to use joint system. Feather angles can be infinitly varied for left or right handed paddles and length adjustment up to 10cms. The joint is rock solid and not subject to any tendency to wear over a period of time. It has a very smart and unobtrusive profile.

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