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Our canoe packages come with the basics to get you out on the water

  • Canoe fitted with Airbags and centre 3rd seat
  • 3x Hou Canoes Plane Wood Canoe Paddles
  • 3x Peak UK Centre Zip Buoyancy aid

The Chieftan is a design legend. This canoe shape was originally designed as a trading vessel so had to paddle well on both open water such as lakes, and also to paddle well on moving/white water rivers. It had to paddle well unloaded but also had to be able to carry a good load on the return journey. (Its a larger version of our well respected Prospector) Today we still want the same from our canoes, all be it for different reasons. This boat is a joy on lakes and rivers, and will give you a dry, predictable ride whether you are solo or loaded up for a multi day trip. You can load up to 4 people and it carries a great deal of kit too.

This classic design is all things to all paddlers, the ultimate all round big load carrier. 

If you are looking for a single all in one boat that carries a great load but you can also handle solo then the hōu Canoes Chieftan is going to be the perfect choice no matter what kind of water you are eating for.

Weight: From 39Kg
Carrying Capacity: 550Kgs
Length: 16 Ft 10"
Width: 37"
Depth: 14"

Once you have placed your order we will contact you to arrange a delivery time and check sizes for paddles and buoyancy aids

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