Hou Canoes Hou Prospector Canoe Package


Our canoe packages come with the basics to get you out on the water

  • Canoe fitted with Airbags
  • 2x Hou Canoes Plane Wood Canoe Paddles
  • 2x Peak UK Centre Zip Buoyancy aid

Hou Canoes Prospector, its a touch over 15 and 1/2 feet in length and designed directly from the classic Chestnut Prospector. As you will have seen in your store, customers want a 15' for solo paddling but a 16' for when they paddle tandem or on overnight trips. The customer is being forced into making a choice and paddling a boat that for at least half the time is the wrong size! So, we went straight down the middle................ a classically designed hull in a length that will work for both solo and tandem paddling!!

Length 15'7 and a 1/2"
Width 35 and a 1/2"
Depth 14"
Material A.R.N.I.3.
Weight 30Kg

Once you have placed your order we will contact you to arrange a delivery time and check sizes for the paddles and Buoyancy aids

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    Hou Canoes
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