Hou Canoe Hou 17 Open Canoe

Hou Canoe Hou 17 Open Canoe
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The big one! This boat is as amazing as the hou-13 is fun! It's a sublime balance between load carrying and efficient paddling. Designed with the explorer in mind or the hire operator who needs reliability and durability. This boat eats up the miles with ease. A fantastic long distance expedition boat that paddles well when substantially loaded. Alternatively she paddles amazingly as a fast day boat, hence the hire operators choice! If it were a car, this would be the SUV or maybe a 7 series estate! As for her style, it's the great modern blend of flattish hull, slight curvature and rocker allowing for maneuverability when required but focusing mainly on making forward paddling easy. Simply it's a longer, more efficient, slightly sleeker version of the brothers 15 and 16. People who have paddled it in the past always remark on how great it feels for such a large boat. If you want a boat that cuddles you on a long trip, this is the one!!

The Boat will be delivered with in 2 -3 weeks of ordering, if you want your boat outfitted to your own specification please contact us for options and prices.