Dragorossi Squashtail Whitewater Surf Kayak

Dragorossi Squashtail Whitewater Surf Kayak
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The Squashtail is one of the most remarkable and unique playboats to have ever been produced. Everything about this kayak is original, from the way it looks to the way it feels and responds. Squashtail is designed to surf waves: specifically river waves. The bottom of the boat - the rocker, outline and even rail shape - resembles more a surfboard than a kayak. The feature that surprises most people who try the Squashtail for the first time is its speed once on a wave. On a wave, itâs as fast as most boats approaching slalom kayak length, but it reacts and responds like a micro surfboard. The real joy that the Squashtail brings to most paddlers, is the ability to surf waves that most spud designs canât possibly surf. And for advanced paddlers, the Squashtail opens new doors and ways of paddling thatâll challenge you for years!